IT Services

Accounts Bridge is successfully affiliated with Customer Finder, an IT Solutions Company which is situated in Melbourne, Australia. As an accountant firm, we understand the modern technological requirements of different business and industrial zones who are looking to outsource and multiply their business model in terms of work efficiency, popularity, and profit. We, as someone who has already engaged with Customer Finder’s team, clearly appreciate their workflow procedure and the exceptional quality generated from their end. Across all other agencies we’ve been through, they are the one who truly believe in quality conversion. From creatives to development and digital marketing, we completely acknowledge them as a progressive name in the IT field.

What Customer Finder Provides:

Websites Design

Internet Marketing

Social Media Services

Logo Design


Search Engine Optimization

Web Application

Mobile Optimization


Customer Finder is dedicated to the success of its customers by providing them a flexible platform, a vast ecosystem of peers, vendors, and solutions. We believe in the power of combining technology, education, and expertise to fuel profitable growth for our clients. We are passionate and smart, driving innovations that are dedicated to the success of our customers. A committed leadership team supports our corporate vision and helps us continuously drive business success. Our organization is built on a strong foundation of trust and integrity with transparent leadership. We work with focus, desire, and a relentless pursuit of creating the best software and services in the IT industry. We value and serve our customers, as well as our colleagues, and believe in working together towards a better future for all.

Module of Customer Finder:


Care About Your Success

We can do anything, but we don’t necessarily do everything. We aren’t focused on making the sale; we will happily suggest someone who can help you if the project isn’t a mutual fit.

An Extension of Your Team

We’re the talent, diversity and dedication you need, without the payroll. We function as an extension of your team in all things digital.

No Offshore or Outsourcing

We work as an extension of your team, which means we’ll be available when you need us with the right people who work directly beside us each and every day.

Never Fail

We have done it all, and put proven processes in place to prevent fires before they start. We will always find a way to get the job done.

Experts at Becoming Experts

No matter what your business is, we’ll wrap our heads around it to effectively market your organization, drive new business, or provide valuable digital services.

Practice What We Preach

We test innovative technologies using Customer Finder’s own lead generation process. We fuel sales for our clients using the same methods that have worked for us.